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Custom Stone Fireplaces & Mantles by Stone Fabricators

Custom stone fireplaces

Fireplaces are the focal point of the room, and as such they deserve the best. Custom stone fireplaces and mantles create timeless style and bring endless enjoyment to your home. The best parts of using stone for your fireplace and mantle includes: the endless variety that stone brings, the soothing nature of stone, and the timeless feel that stone imparts on a room. You can not only feel the wonderful age of the stone, but you can also experience the long-lasting durable touch it brings to your room. Custom stone fireplaces are a natural part of a feature wall, and as such they deserve the attention that stone brings to it.


Not only does stone bring you lots of variety, but there is an endless amount of options in how we finish the stone. Stone naturally comes in a wide range of colors and textures, each with aspects that work well with different decors. From ornately carved marble, to the simple charm of rough sandstone, there is a perfect match for every style. There is absolutely no decor that cannot benefit from the timeless loveliness of stone.

Endless Beauty

Stone has lasting quality that has not only been around forever, but will continue bringing beauty to the world around it for about that long. There is something calming about stone as well. You bring a calm feel of forever to your world when you use stone in your decor. That is why it has always been chosen for use in so many beautiful ways in home decorating. That wonderful calmness can grace your home.

At Stone Fabricators, we can help you choose the right stone for all your enduring features, such as your fireplace and mantle. Contact us to learn more and get all the style you deserve for all your timeless decor touches.

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