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Stone Sales Information

What do you charge per square foot?

Many folks in the St. Louis region feel their countertops are as personal as many other significant purchases in their home.  They truely care about selecting the slab and creating the layout with our salesman.  Our customers want to see that unique part of the slab as part of their kitchen island becuase they wanted it that way.  Do you want your L-top in 2 pieces? You get to choose at stone fabricators.  Compare this experience with our competitors and ask the question. We are a custom stone fabricator that provides a unique experience for everyone that walks through our shop, one that will leave you satisfied with your purchase for years to come.

What are the pricing variables?

They include the complexity of your project, the type of stone required, the edging design selected, the number and type of sinks, faucets and cook tops used, the removal of existing countertops. We also offer services that can make your project unique: fancy cuts, special features, scalloped corners, clips and corbelled corners, radius arcs, additional installation and removal services.

How long will my project take?

Once you have made your decision to proceed and have submitted your deposit, we will schedule a field measurement typically within one week. Typically, we will fabricate and install within 15 business days of the completion of the field measurements. It is difficult to begin a project if there are unanswered details or missing fixtures. Shorter lead times are possible for smaller and less complex projects.

How can I avoid problems and delays?

This is where your cooperation makes a difference. In order for your project to progress on schedule, we need your assistance in advance of two events: Field Measurement and Installation. Missing elements will delay the process. Changes in specifications after the field measurement may delay your project. We need the customer’s cooperation for a smooth project. You can expect our Project Managers will proactively request the following, in pursuit of a smooth, successful completion:

  • Material Selection and location of material (if not in our inventory)
  • Edge profile selection
  • Sink templates and/or sinks to be used (if applicable)
  • Cabinets installed and leveled
  • Faucets, soap dispensers, cook tops, etc.
  • Signed Proposal
  • 50% deposit

Buying Stone Guideline

How do I choose a stone fabricator?

The process of purchasing custom stone is more detailed than, for example, buying carpeting. As with any purchase, you need to determine what criteria are most important to you. Are you searching for the absolute lowest price or looking more for overall superior value? Is timely completion important? How heavily do you weigh the quality of materials and workmanship of both the fabrication and installation? Do you value responsive service, integrity and the caliber of people that you deal with and will have working in your home? Be prepared to ask tough questions to determine the proper fit with a reputable source

Where do I begin? How do I get an estimate?

We make it easy for you to participate in the process of selecting your stone and your options. You will need to start by providing us with some measurements or contact our sales department to set up a free in-house estimate. If you just want to get a idea of cost you can email or fax a sketch of your project to us. Below is an example of the information needed to give you a price.

Kitchen Sketch example

Note:the X’s indicate what sides get the finished edge.

How does Stone Fabricators handle stone seams?

By combining superior cutting and forming equipment with meticulous, well trained installers, Stone Fabricators provides the cleanest seams available from a stone fabricator. Unlike some of our more cost conscious competitors, your Stone Fabricators’ Project Manager will be happy to show you the planned location of the seams for your project.

Our layout designers work to minimize the number of seams required for your project, another Stone Fabricators difference. Our advanced fabrication processes provide more flexibility for minimizing the need for seams wherever possible. Additionally, our digital capabilities make it possible to match the natural patterns of the stone, minimizing the appearance of the seam(s). This step makes Stone Fabricators’ projects stand out among our competition.

From Granite to Marble to Engineered Stone, we have The Best Stone Selection and Installers in St. Louis

We’re here to help with every aspect of your stone project. While each slab we carry is unique, you can see a selection of our stone patterns here. Or feel free to learn more about stone or send a question to one of our stone experts.