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How Your Kitchen Will Benefit From Custom Stone Countertops

By September 29, 2017 October 11th, 2017 Counter Tops
Custom Stone Countertops

Remember the old-style countertops made from laminate and cultured marble? Counters have come a long way in the past 20 years, and every tasteful home has custom stone countertops that wear beautifully and add timeless style to the kitchen and bathrooms.

Stone Is Practically Zero Maintenance

If there are two spaces that have a lot of messes, it’s the kitchen and the bathroom. The many messy substances used in these rooms, from gooey foods to sticky toothpaste, can quickly make a mess of counters. However, custom stone countertops come with virtually no maintenance needed other than a quick wipe with a moist cloth, and an occasional sealant depending on the type of stone. That’s it. It doesn’t stain like old-fashioned countertops, and it takes just seconds to clean it.

The Dazzling Array of Natural Colors

Natural stone comes in so many colors, it astounds those who visit showrooms. From indulgent, clean white to a wide array of beiges to bright colors like blue and orange, you can find a color that perfectly sets off the rest of your kitchen’s decor. Those who want a single color for their countertops have plenty of shades to choose from. Those who want a mottled or swirling pattern have just as many. From dots to swirls to sparkles, natural stone comes in all of these looks and more.

A Permanent Countertop

Countertops used to stain, chip and crack so often that they needed to be repaired or replaced every decade or so. A stone countertop, however, comes with the enduring qualities of natural stone. In 10 years it will look just the way it does today, and you’ll still love the classic texture, color and pattern of your elegant counter. Contact us today to get started on designing your custom stone countertop!

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