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Upgrade Any Room With a Backlit Stone Counter Top!

By October 31, 2017 Uncategorized
Backlit Stone Counter Top

If you’re looking to upgrade your worn and faded home counters to something that is beautiful, functional, and will last forever, then you need a backlit stone counter top! Stone Fabricators offers the best stone and tile work in St. Louis, and if you haven’t yet heard of the benefits of having a backlit stone counter top, here’s the scoop.

Any room in your home will be considerably improved, both aesthetically and functionally, by installing a backlit stone counter top. The effect of your new backlit stone counter top will never cease to amaze you with its tasteful beauty. The amazing translucency of the backlit granite stone will be sure to earn you many compliments from family and friends! Kitchen, bathroom, rec room, bar, we have solutions for anywhere!

Stone Fabricators works with many different types of stone, including marble, granite, and limestone. If you’re looking for a counter top with a particular look, we also produce engineered stone, which we custom fabricate to match any other pieces of furniture or room decor you may have. And if money is no issue, we also work in fabricating semi-precious stone, to give your home the air of refined luxury.

At Stone Fabricators, we don’t just sell the stone, we fabricate it ourselves, using the most current stone fabricating technology with the most highly trained fabricators anywhere. Because we both provide and fabricate the stone, you have the unique opportunity to view and choose the stone that best suites your needs!

Don’t put off replacing your old counter tops any longer! Contact Us today for more information.

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