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Add Timeless Elegance With Natural Stone Bathroom Features

By November 30, 2017 December 13th, 2017 Bathrooms, Services
Stone Bathroom

The bathroom is gaining in recognition as one of the most important spaces in your home. You get energized and ready for the new day there, and later you will unwind from that busy day. Your bathroom is a great influence on your mood, your outlook, and your attitude. If your bathroom is calming and organized, you feel refreshed. If it is chaotic and jumbled, you start and end the day frazzled. It is a little thing that you can almost ignore, but it makes a world of difference.

There are some elements that greatly add to your space being the calming and revitalizing room you deserve. Natural materials, good lighting, plenty of cabinets and other organizing features, and ample space.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are those we find in nature. Stone is the most versatile of natural materials and stone bathroom features add elegance and class to your space. Wood is also good, especially in natural finishes. However, for those spaces that are often wet, wood is not the best choice. This is where stone works wonders.

That brisk shower that starts your day is wonderful in a shower with a natural stone surround. The calming stone and the flowing water will have you ready for anything in no time at all. When you plan your shower, don’t forget the features that will make your space more convenient and organized. A bench is wonderful in the shower, and nooks for the shampoo and soap are great for keeping your space comfortable.

A bath is great for unwinding from the stresses of life, or soaking sore muscles, or just enjoying because you are worth it. Add some bath salts or bubbles, put on some soothing music, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, and enjoy. This is another great place for stone, which adds that natural atmosphere and elegance to your experience. Surround your tub with a deck of stone. This space is great for decoratively displaying those elements that make your bathing experience even more delightful.

Good Lighting

Natural light coming in through windows is the ultimate way to enhance your stone bathroom features, but is not always available. Sconces around the vanity, a pendant over the bath, and good light in the shower make your room comfortable and functional. Remember that the bigger or darker the room, the more light you need. Keep your lighting on separate switches, so that you can choose the amount and position of your light.

Organization Features

Cabinets and shelves are important for keeping your bathroom items handy and contained. The more jumbled the room, the less enjoyable. Floating vanities with stone counters are stylish and lovely. Taller cabinets in handy locations are popular now also. If your layout allows, consider one near your shower for containing towels and extra shower essentials.

Ample Space

Gone are the days of installing micro-bathrooms. Unless you are working with an older home, your bathroom is more spacious. If you are in an older home, consider looking for where you could find some additional space and increase the size of your room. Also, for en suite bathrooms, it is becoming more popular to blur the lines between bath and bedroom. This allows you to expand the bathroom comfortably.

For more information on wonderful stone bathroom features, contact us at Stone Fabricators. Stone is truly the most versatile and lasting material, and is great in any room.

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