Porcelain & Sintered Stone

Are Porcelain and Sintered Stone the same? The short answer is no.

There are many significant similarities between porcelain and sintered stone, which is why they are often thought of synonymously. Porcelain and Sintered Stones are both extremely hard stones; this means that their surfaces are highly durable and scratch-resistance. Additionally, porcelain and sintered stone are non-porous, due to the process by which they are formed. Therefore, whereas natural stone needs to be sealed to prevent staining, these stones will not absorb liquid and do not need to be sealed.

However, although both Porcelain and Sintered Stone are produced through a process of “sintering”, the products are not the same. Sintering is the process of forming a solid material through the use of heat and pressure. The difference between Porcelain and Sintered Stone is the raw materials used to form the stone. Porcelain is created by sintering clays and other materials, whereas Sintered Stone begins with different raw materials.

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