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Create a Custom Look with a Custom Residential Stone Sign

By August 15, 2018 Services, Signs
custom residential stone sign

Many professionals display the name of their business on a stone sign outside of their property because nothing matches the lasting beauty of natural stone. You can also get a custom residential stone sign for the exterior of your home to create a custom look.

Types of Residential Stone Signs

Family Name – Display your family name on a gorgeous stone sign outside your home. Choose granite or quartz, for example, and design an unusual shape with your name etched in the center. You can place it in your garden, at the bottom of the steps leading to your porch, or create a distinctive space with gravel and put the sign right in the center. This type of stone sign looks especially gorgeous if you live out in a rural area where your house is hard to find. Place a sizable sign near your entry, so visitors know at a glance which home is yours.

House Number – Another great option is to get a stone sign made with your house number on it. Choose a gorgeous marble or onyx stone and include leaves or flowers in the design, along with the numbers, for a beautiful display. Often, house numbers are hard to see, but not with a fabulous stone sign highlighting the information for anyone who’s searching for your home. Not only will this stone look gorgeous, but it will help delivery people, repair companies, and even emergency services find your house more quickly.

General Message – Have a custom sign created from travertine, limestone, or any other type of stone that you love. Decide on a message to etch into the slab or a smaller remnant such as “Welcome” or “Have a Nice Day” or use a quote that means something special to you and your family. Everyone will smile when they see the sign in front of your home. With a custom stone sign, you can create a unique design that only you will have in front of your residence. Such a sign will become a conversation piece with everyone who sees it and a focal point on the exterior of your property.

For more information about a custom residential stone sign, please contact us today. Whether the job you request is big or small, our highly-trained hand fabricators will make your project a reality.

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