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Natural Stone for Your Home Spa Bathroom

By May 31, 2017 Bathrooms
spa bathroom

A home spa bathroom is not just one of the latest trends, but is a trend that is here to stay. The beauty of natural materials and the luxury of walk-in showers and soak tubs is so therapeutic. The key natural material in any spa bathroom is stone. The smooth cool touch of its timeless beauty brings a sense of calm to a steamy bathroom. Coupled with wood touches and white trim, your bathroom is the perfect retreat from the rush of the busy world.

Natural Stone for a Soothing Bathroom Atmosphere

Not only is stone the key to the atmosphere of the spa bathroom, but it comes with so many options. Stone shower surrounds and tub decking are just a few of the places you can use stone in your homes spa bathroom. Of course, there is the counter tops, and you can also use stone tiles for the floor and even the wall. Use as many of these stone surfaces as you like. There is nothing as soothing as the look and feel of natural stone. This is why the spa bathroom tends to use stone in so many ways. Couple the stone with natural wood finished cabinets, white or natural finished trim, and keep your accessories simple and you have a spa in your home.

Variety in Stone

There are so many types and colors from which to choose. Granite is hard with a color range that will give you options to fit any taste. Marble is soft, and will stain with water, but there is a part of its charm. You could say it ages with time. Travertine makes a lovely tile for a flooring option, and limestone is often used on walls in spa bathrooms. There are even some engineered stone options that can add so much to your decor. These all come in ranges of colors, and it is possible to mix-and-match your stone accents in a bathroom to add a richness and depth of style. Or stick with one stone type and color for a soothingly unified feel to the room. Making stone is a big part of the color of your bathroom does not make it boring, with so many options your bathroom will be truly and interesting place.

Color Choices Affect Feeling of Size

Remember when you are choosing your colors, including that of your stone, that you have to work with the space you have available. If your space is large, this is not a worry. Dark or light colors will do well in a large space. However, if you have a small bathroom, too much dark will leave your room feeling smaller yet. Light colors and shiny surfaces tend to help a room feel larger. The smaller the room, the more important color becomes. By choosing light colors for a small bathroom, you can still achieve the relaxing effect you want in a spa bathroom.

At Stone Fabricators, we specialize in helping you find the right stone to fit your style and purpose. We invite you to visit our showroom, or contact us to learn more about how you can add wonderful beauty to your spa bathroom.

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