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Distinctive Custom Stone Tabletops for Your Home

By June 29, 2018 Tables
Custom Stone Tabletops

When you’re looking for distinctive, custom pieces of decor for your home, consider the beauty of custom stone tabletops. Most rooms contain one or more types of tables that range anywhere from small accent tables all the way up to large tables used for entertainment purposes. By having one or more tables with custom stone tops, you’ll add style and uniqueness to your home.

Suggestions for Custom Stone Tabletops

Living Room – In your central living space, you probably have a seating area with a coffee table, maybe a sofa table, and a couple of side tables with lamps. Replace these with matching stone-topped tables designed to create a custom look that you won’t find in very many homes. Try a beautiful limestone with a finely grained surface in brown, green, or black for a style you’ll love.

Dining Room – The table in your dining room is always the focal point of the room. Create a spectacular look that your family and guests will go crazy over by having a dining table with a custom stone tabletops. Marble is an excellent choice and provides an elegant look that should please everyone. You can choose a traditional white with gray veining or try a cream color for a genuinely gorgeous look.

Entryway Table – If you have an grand entryway in your home, a table with a chic granite top placed against the wall will complement your decor. You can set family photos on the table, a vase with flowers, or leave it open to fully show off the exquisiteness of the granite. With so many colors of granite available, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect match for your home.

Having custom stone tabletops made for various areas in your house will add a decorative flair to your furnishings and give your interior an updated and expensive look. For more information about custom stone tabletops, please contact us today.

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