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Update Your Home with a Custom Stone Outdoor Space

By July 16, 2018 Outdoor
Custom Stone Outdoor Space

If you and your family spend a significant amount of time outdoors, then your patio and the surrounding space should be as beautiful as the decor inside your home. One excellent way to update your home is with a custom stone outdoor space.

Patio Surface

The surface of your patio sets the tone for your entire backyard space. Instead of a slab of plain gray concrete, opt for gorgeous custom stone. Not only will your patio instantly look chic, but it will feel great under your feet as well. Limestone, for example, is a fabulous natural stone choice, especially if you also have this type of stone on your house. Choose a beautiful shade such as brown, green, or even one with a blue tone to it for a custom stone outdoor space look that you’ll love.

Outdoor Fireplace

If you have an outdoor fireplace, update its appearance with a custom stone surround. Granite will create an elegant and dramatic look that will impress everyone who sees it. Granite is also quite durable and heat-resistant, which makes it a perfect choice for any fireplace. Granite comes in multiple colors, so finding the right tone to match your home and aesthetic should be a snap. You’ll want to spend even more time outdoors with such a beautiful addition to your patio.

Pool Decking

For homes with a pool or hot tub area, a custom stone deck will add a sophisticated look to your outdoor space. For example, you could choose light brown sandstone for a stunning contrast to your pool color. Sandstone can withstand a significant amount of wear, so it works well outdoors. Bluestone is another fantastic choice. This stone, available in a variety of finishes, is water-resistant and slip-resistant. You also can’t go wrong with travertine, one of the most popular options, which wears well and comes in a variety of hues that will give your space a trendy look.

To upgrade the appearance of your outdoor area, consider custom stone for a marvelous result. For more information, please contact us today. Our highly trained hand fabricators can make your project a reality.

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