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Make a Statement with a Custom Stone Backsplash

Custom Stone Backsplash

Get Your Custom Stone Backsplash from Stone Fabricators! 

At Stone Fabricators, we know that you choose the style for your kitchen based on your tastes and personality. Stone has more variation than any other material, making it a good choice for making a design statement in your home. There is a stone type and finish to fit your home and your personality. Is it more polished and elegant, or rugged and rustic, or something in between?

Stone in a Kitchen

We have the best in custom counter-tops, but the real statement area of your kitchen is the backsplash. This is the backdrop to your kitchen, and deserves some extra attention. There is no better place to use the beauty of natural stone, giving your kitchen a one-of-a-kind splash of style.  Each slab of stone is as unique as you are, which is why a custom stone backsplash is the distinctive touch your kitchen deserves.

Vast Options for a Kitchen Backsplash

There are a variety of materials, from the hard granite to the soft marble with so many in between, each with a depth and richness of its own. Colors and patterns range, depending on the different elements that mixed into the stone when it formed. Granite can come in colors from white to black, with many slabs having colors such as gold, gray, or green. Marble is known for its whites and cream colors, but can come in quite a range of darker shades as well. No stone is without variation in its color and patterns.

Custom Style

With the beauty of stone tile, you can also add a designed pattern to your kitchen space. The stone in itself is a work of art, but it is also a beautiful material to use to create a statement. Choose tiles in similar or contrasting shades and colors to make your backsplash truly yours. Bring different sized and shaped tiles into your design to add even more style to your focal piece.

In your stone backsplash, if you can dream it, we can create it. Whatever suits you best, we look forward to helping you let your style shine through. Visit our showroom, or contact us today, for more information on all your design ideas for adding stone to your home.

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