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Top 10 Reasons to Build in Stone (Part 2)

Building in Stone

In case you are just tuning in, we have been discussing the top 10 reasons to build in stone. In our previous blog, we discussed stones reliability, old school charm, and the fact that it won’t rot, burn, or be easily penetrated by pests such as termites, carpenter ants, mice, and roaches. The following are 5 more great reasons to build with stone:

6) The Family Castle

If you are building a home for your family, give them something different from the usual cookie-cutter suburban home or rambling ranch house. With beautiful d natural stone patterning, you can create an elegant castle of any size, one that you can be the monarch of while your children play little princes and princesses.

7) Build to Last for Centuries

Speaking of building yourself a castle, there’s a reason why Europe and certain parts of the US are covered in ancient stone buildings. Masonry lasts forever. A stone home or business built today can still be standing centuries from now.

8) Low Maintenance

The vast majority of options for exterior siding and stone alternatives all need maintenance anywhere from every six months to every two years. Stone, on the other hand, takes care of itself. It doesn’t need much more than a cursory inspection every few years unless your foundation shifts, which puts a strain on any building material.

9) Slow-Action Insulation

Stone may not be modern foam insulation but it does add a certain amount of protection against the pervasive temperatures outside. Masonry can keep you cool in the summer by maintaining the early morning chill well into the day and warm up a cool night by radiating heat collected during daylight hours. Because it changes temperature slowly, there is a certain amount of insulation.

10) Resale Value

Finally, stone is beautiful and built to last, and property buyers love about a building. Not only does building in masonry add style, class, and stability to your project, it also drastically increases the resale value.

When you build with stone, everyone wins. You and your family get a beautiful castle to live in that can survive the vast majority of natural disasters with ease. Your home gets a sturdy protective structural shell and internal assets like a nice cozy fireplace and even your neighborhood gets a new attractive structure on the block, raising property values for the whole street. For more information about masonry or choosing the right material for your next project contact us today!

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