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Step Into Elegance With A Custom Tile Stairway

By January 15, 2018 Uncategorized
Custom Tile Stairway

Custom tiles need not stop at the kitchen or bathroom door. Custom tiles can be added in any corner of your home and will add beauty and elegance wherever used. Imagine the statement that a custom tile stairway would make in your home. Besides the natural beauty of stone, this material is durable and practically maintenance free. Stone Fabricators has been in the business of showing its customers the endless possibilities that exist in stone tiling and how easily it incorporates into your home.

Imagine the grandeur of your new staircase

By using stone tiles, your staircase will become your home’s centerpiece. The beauty of custom tile is that it is not a one size fits all operation with limited options. At Stone Fabricators your options are countless; from marble to limestone, whites to blues, gold veining to speckled black, and everything in between. And naturally, all steps are custom cut.

Imagine being able to see your tile before selecting

Our website is a great place to start to see the varieties and colors of stone we offer, but our 70,000 square foot showroom is the logical next step. We keep on hand hundreds of different styles for you to actually see and touch. We feel that seeing is believing!

Imagine working with a company you can trust

Our highly trained team is known for its many areas of expertise. If you wonder what the best choice of tile is for your home, our team will show you. If you want some unique ideas as in using backsplash tiles on your risers, our team will work with you. If your steps need special shapes like gentle curves or sharp edges, our team can do it. If you are concerned that the beautiful veining or color or shine of your chosen stone will shine through, our team is already on top of that. What may seem complex to you is all in day’s work for our expert team. We will make it happen.

Imagine starting today

To get started on your new tile stairway all you have to do is contact us and let us make the custom tile stairway you imagined become reality.

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