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Endless Stone Options from Stone Fabricators

By February 15, 2018 Stone Options
Stone Options

Nature holds endless beauty and countless colors in the most wondrous places. Stone is no exception, it literally comes in every color and pattern imaginable. Some stone is soft, like marble or sandstone. Others are hard like granite and quartz. Rarely do these stones have only one mineral to their make-up. The different minerals are what give them different colors. Here at Stone Fabricators, we have a nearly endless array of stone options to fit every home and style out there.


Granite is mostly composed of quartz, which gives it very little color but fills in the spaces between the other crystals. This is what gives the granite its hardness, making it resistant to scratching and scorching. Crystals of other minerals in the granite give it the color, such as mica, hornblende, feldspar, and biotite crystals. Colors in granite can include shades and bits of yellow, orange, pink, green, and blue hues.


Marble is limestone that was exposed to extreme pressure and heat, making it more durable than limestone while still being easy to work. While white and cream are the most commonly thought of colors for marble, like granite it contains impurities that give it so much variation. Blues, pinks, greens, even dark colors like gray, and black can show itself in and through marble.

And So Many More

The story repeats with each type of stone, minerals and elements mixed together during their formation creating endless patterns and colors. So much that we cannot show you all the variations on-line. Onyx whose very name means veined gem, tends towards the shades of reddish-brown to gold, but can come in so many options. There are so many more examples of the beautiful displays that nature has hidden and saved for us.

The best way to find the perfect stone for your stone needs is to contact us at Stone Fabricators, or come visit our showroom to check out our stone options. Let us show you the awe-inspiring variations of color, texture, and patterns available from natures providing.

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