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Express Yourself With a Custom Stone or Tile Backsplash From Stone Fabricators


Stone Fabricators Custom Stone and Tile Backsplashes are what separate lackluster kitchens from luxury. A Kitchen is more than where you cook, it is an extension of you, and a custom stone or tile backsplash can speak volumes to your guests. Aside from the practical benefits of a backsplash, like protecting your kitchen walls from messy food or liquids, the backsplash is an excellent decorative expression. Take a moment and view the walls above your counter as a canvas:

– Imagine an Onyx backsplash glittering and glowing, its unique features gleaming under the cabinet accent lighting.

– Picture the refined look of a Granite or Marble backsplash, smooth and sleek, with grandeur resembling a kitchen that might be found in the temple of Apollo.

– Perhaps you have a more uniform pattern in mind, in which case Stone Fabricators’ Engineered Stone can surely fulfill your dream. With a virtually unlimited number of patterns to choose from, you can match those brand-new appliances or curtains.

– A Limestone or Travertine backsplash could be just the warm and welcoming feeling you want for your kitchen.

– Or, if you’d like to really express yourself, choose from Stone Fabricators’ dazzling selection of Semi Precious Metals or Tiles. Turn your kitchen into a one and only work of art with unique arraignments and designs and mosaics. Some of the translucent Semi Precious Stones can even be paired with back-lighting to produce a surreal glow.

Whatever your dream kitchen looks or feels like, Stone Fabricators Custom Stone & Tile Backsplashes can make it a reality.

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