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Custom Stone Tables From Stone Fabricators!

By June 30, 2017 July 14th, 2017 Tables
Stone Tables

Looking For Custom Stone Tables? Look no Further Than Stone Fabricators!

Stone tables have been around for centuries. Not only that, but they last every bit of that long in many cases. Natural stone has an undeniable beauty, and there is nothing more personal than custom-made. The best thing we can do is to combine the two, and have custom stone tables. Beautiful natural stone made into a table that perfectly fits your life, your style, and your home.


Custom means made for you, and made in your style. This ensures that your table is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. After-all no two pieces of stone are quite the same, so no two natural stone tables will be quite the same. Your table is as unique as you are.

Inside Options

We use tables in so many places, and have them in various sizes.

A small table near the front door makes sense, they hold a few pretty decorations while giving us a place for our keys and other necessary items. It would be even more perfect if the table itself has the loveliness of stone.

Small tables in the living room are always nice. We use end tables, a coffee table, and even side tables often along a wall. Mostly they give us convenient places to put things, like our beverage, while we are sitting. But they also add beauty and style to the room.

Dining tables are a must for every home. We often feel a need to cover up the table with a cloth, but a gorgeous natural stone table would be lovely without one. Not only that, but stone is so easy to clean, you wouldn’t even want a cloth covering the table.

A breakfast room is usually so close to the kitchen it is safely counted as part of it. Why wouldn’t you want your breakfast room table to match your counter-tops and other stone kitchen features? You can even add banquette seating and build the whole breakfast nook in. Continuing the kitchen’s style will add a pleasant touch to the whole.


Your patio is a great place for a stone table. Not only is stone a lovely touch for any patio, it is naturally good at withstanding the weather. Stone just feels right for an outdoor dining area. You can even add some matching stone benches for an elegant picnic set.

These are just a few ideas on where stone tables would add a charming touch to your decor, you are sure to find many more places they would perfectly accent a room. At Stone Fabricators, we are the stone experts. We know you want the very best in style and design, and your custom stone table is just that. Come by our showroom or contact us for more information on how you can choose your design for natural stone tables today.

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