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From Quarry To Home, The Stone Fabrication Process

By May 31, 2018 June 1st, 2018 Stone Fabrication
Stone Fabrication

Ever wonder how that beautiful piece of stone made it to the showroom floor, and then to your home? Let’s take a look at how it got there via stone fabrication.

At The Quarry

Most granite deposits sit near the surface of the earth, so they are able to be cut from shallow quarries. Holes are drilled into the granite at precise intervals, and then explosives are used to break off each large block of stone. This is a tricky process, so it takes trained engineers to keep the stone blocks from fracturing or cracking internally. These large blocks are crated up and shipped to fabrication units to take care of further cutting.

At The First Fabrication Unit

Once at the large block fabrication unit, each block is sliced into slabs of 2 to 3 centimeters thickness with diamond wire cutting saws. These saws allow the cutters to be very precise, and insure even thickness of the slabs. The stone used to be cut with diamond wheel saws that took much longer to make the cuts. The change in technology has allowed the cost of stone fabrication to come down in recent years. Each cut slab is then laid flat on a surface table and polished, with progressively finer grits, till that beautiful shiny finish is achieved. The slabs are then bundled, in the order in which they were cut, and sent to Stone Fabricators.

At Stone Fabricators

Once you have chosen your stone, the slabs are shipped to Stone Fabricators to begin the stone fabrication process. They will visit your home and take precise measurements, using laser measuring devices, of the area where your new stone will be installed. Once back at the factory, the layout is placed on the stone to make the most use of your material. You may be able to come in and see just where each piece of stone will sit in your design and make changes, if you find you like the patterning in one area over another.

The stone is cut using water-jet and diamond technology. Each slab is then hand finished, adding edge details and fine polishing to areas that cannot be done with machines.

Once the stone is finished, it is loaded on a truck to be delivered, along with the professionals to install it. Installation is quick and professional. Seams are made if necessary, sinks installed and custom backsplashes added.

Are you ready to add the beauty of custom stone to your home? Give Stone Fabricators a call and let us help.

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