Marble Countertops Care & Maintenance

Maintaining the surface of Vermont Danby marble countertops is as simple as following a few easy steps.

1) Please seal marble countertops regularly, we recommend DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional BulletProof® Stone Sealer, CLICK HERE for details about this product. Call our offices if you would like to purchase this sealer.

2) We recommend sealing marble countertops every 6 weeks for the first year and then every 4 months.

3) In the first year, this material is more suceptible to etching and stains.
– If noticeable ETCHING occurs on HONED or BRUSHED surfaces (NOT FOR POLISHED surfaces), use Scotch-Brite pads and Commet, for details Click Here.
– Attempt to remove stains with warm soapy water, immediately.

Please call when an unfortunate accident has happened or when additional attention is needed. Our personnel are standing by to make any repairs or perform annual maintenance of your granite and other natural stone. Please CLICK HERE to contact our experienced staff and make an appointment today.

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